School Consultation Going Strong

Dr. Mara Vanderzell, Director of Consultation and Behavioral Services at the Kelberman Center, recently announced that her department delivered over 1,200 hours of consultation services this school year. Those hours represent a remarkable amount of time spent helping students, teachers and administrators create environmental and educational adjustments that give students the best possible chance of succeeding in their academic goals.

The Kelberman Center’s school consultation program brings special education experts together with teachers and school administrators to develop and implement plans that will help students succeed at school. The program works with individual children, special education classrooms, or entire special education departments, depending on the needs of the school. Services available to schools and educators include: academic support services; behavioral support services; and social skills support. The Kelberman Center also hires and oversees Behavior Specialist Assistants (BSAs) who are bachelor-level educators working in the school system to help support students with ASD. Similar to a one-on-one school, aid, BSAs help ensure academic, behavioral and social success of students in both regular and special education settings.

For more information about school consultation services, please visit our consultation page here.