Providing a social support atmosphere


Emily at Lego

Kelberman Coaching and Connections will offer a series of support groups for students in grades 3-12 who have autism, ADHD, anxiety, social skills deficits, academic problems, and/or other issues that may impact their functioning at home, school, or community environments.

The goal of the Kelberman Coaching and Connections groups will be to provide a casual social support atmosphere with structured activities that promote building skills and increasing self-esteem and connections with others.  Each group will differ slightly in focus and will be tailored toward group member needs.

 Examples include

 Coaching and the development of social skills

Managing school anxiety and coping with bullying or friendship issues

Participating in special interest groups (Mindcraft group, Lego group

Strengthening executive functioning (emotional/behavioral self-regulation; prioritizing and planning skills; test-taking strategies; organization; and time management)



All participants must be toilet trained and be able to function within a 3:1 setting

There will be 6-8 members in each group.

Cost: $10.00 per week.  Insurance cannot be accepted but the Kelberman Center will accept cash, major credit cards, or checks.


 Groups run for 8 weeks and then a new set of groups will begin.

Currently, all groups are at capacity.
When new groups become available, you can register by clicking here for an application or asking your Medicaid Service Coordinator for an application.