Meeting Individual Needs of Students with ASD

 Based on a thorough assessment, a consultant works with district and/or agency staff and educators to help them meet the individualized educational needs of students with ASD in the least restrictive setting.

Providing School Based Supports strengthens and extends a district’s educational resources and is proven to be the most effective way to achieve the best possible learning outcomes for these students.

Kelberman Center School Consultation Services

Individualized student behavior and educational assessment
Social skill assessments and intervention support
Functional behavioral assessments and behavioral intervention plans
Support developing IEP goals and objective
Guidance in developing and utilizing data collection systems for progress monitoring
Individual/classroom program development
Curriculum selection and adaptations
Social skills training for students with ASD
Peer support programs
Staff education and training
Classroom modifications and supports
Transition planning
Please call The Kelberman Center at 797-6241 or email Dr. Mara Vanderzell at to discuss specific needs for your student/district/agency.