The Kelberman Center welcomes local student involvement through internships and observations

Guidance, mentoring, and real-world, hands-on application is the most effective way to become acquainted with a job setting and helps individuals discover career paths. All of our programs utilize a team approach to service delivery and therefore provide students with the opportunity to interact with a variety of professionals.

The Kelberman Center offers a wide selection of internship opportunities that go beyond traditional opportunities; we allow students to work side by side with individuals we provide services to, giving them a chance to put classroom theory into hands-on practice.

Students are required to set up an interview for their internship to ensure an appropriate fit between the affiliating student and program site. Students doing 30 internship hours or more are required to complete a State Central Register background check and fingerprinting for Early Childhood Education, Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities and Office of Mental Health programs.

For more information about internships at the Kelberman Center, call (315) 797-6241.