The Promise Program is a full-day, ABA-based preschool program founded in 1997.

The roots of the Promise program are founded in the idea that support, trust, respect and commitment will allow children to thrive and reach their full potential.

  • Support—parents will receive daily notes, regular phone calls, and bi-annual conferences. For parents, there is a weekly Coffee Club support meeting and a monthly Autism Support Group.
  • Trust—our open door policy means that parents are welcome to come and see your child at any time. If you have concerns, input or questions, we want to hear from you because we are a team!
  • Respect—We want to partner with you to help your child reach his or her individual goals. We make a point of meeting each child and family where they are and then helping the child grow from there.
  • Commitment—We value continuing education and adaptation of our program so that we can provide the best education for your child.

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Our multidisciplinary teaching team includes

  •  NY State Licensed BCBA
  • NY State Licensed Clinical Psychologist

  • NY State Certified Special Education Teachers

  • ASHA Certified Speech Pathologist

  • NY State Licensed Occupational Therapists

  • NY State Licensed Physical Therapists

Teaching Methods

 Every child and every family has personal goals and needs. We will help your child reach his or her full potential using research-based, best practice, goal oriented, and data driven methods.
  • Peer role modeling— through our partnership with New Discoveries and the Jewish Community Center, children have the opportunity to integrate with typically-developing peers.
  • Applied Behavior Analysis—helping to identify and modify behavior
  • Discrete Trial Teaching— teaching in simplified and structured steps
  • Incidental and Naturalist Teaching—teaching language and skills within the context of naturally occurring events
  • Group and One on One Teaching—fostering social growth and individualized attention
Are you wondering what happens when your child first enters the Promise Program? Watch this video to learn more.

Your Child’s Outcomes

 How can my child grow at the Promise Program? Keeping in mind that every child has different needs, here are some of ways we will help your child succeed:
  • Communication—Constant focus on language development in classroom; alternative-augmentative communication experience; functional communication training; visual aides and strategies; speech and language therapy on site.
  • Self Help Skills—toilet training, dressing, feeding, safety awareness, and many other needs identified by parents.
  • Social and Play Skills—interacting with peers, playing appropriately with toys, making eye contact and many more.
  • Physical Development –Age appropriate skills are promoted throughout all activities; goals in and out of classroom; occupational therapy and physical therapy if needed.
  • Classroom Readiness—getting ready for Kindergarten, following directions, appropriate classroom behavior.