Residential services provide 24/7 on-sight care in a safe and supportive environment.

The Kelberman Center offers two options for Residential Services, both in Chittenango, New York. Staff receive specialized Autism training and are supported by a team of experts who can help to create an environment that promotes personal choice and individual goals.

Individuals who live in Kelberman Center residential homes have access to a Registered Nurse as well as behavioral and administrative support. Days are filled with services and activities that appeal to each individuals’ interests and personal goals. The Individualized Service Plan (ISP) that is used to guide services and activities for each resident, are developed with the individual, their closest loved ones, and Kelberman Center staff all working as a team. Evenings include Residential Habilitation that typically focuses on household and personal care skills which promote independence.

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For more information on Kelberman Center residential services, contact Tia Beckwith at (315) 520-7050, ext. 311 or email

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