The Kelberman Center can accommodate all three of the required support roles

In the Self Direction program, individuals and their family have decision-making authority over the services that the individual receives to live independently, including creating an annual service budget. A support team of three professionals is established to assist the individual and their family with budget development and management as well as service identification and enrollment. The Kelberman Center can accommodate all three of the required support roles:
Self Direction

Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC) – Case management that connects an individual to supports and services available in the community

Fiscal Intermediary – Provides assistance and oversight to the individual’s Medicaid budget

Support Brokerage – Acts as a personal agent that assists with budget management and service provider identification

Planning Circle


With the help of an MSC and Support Broker, individuals identify key people in their lives to assist with decision-making. Planning circles can include parents, siblings, extended family, church members, coaches, teachers, and direct service professionals, among many others. The Planning Circle helps to guide the Self Direction program to ensure that needs are being met.


Supported Independent Living


Another facet of the Self Direction program through the Kelberman Center is the opportunity to participate in the Supported Independent Living program. Adults with Autism and related developmental disabilities may be able to enroll in this program, which supports adults living in a private residence.

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Watch our video to learn how the Self Direction programs utilizes resources from various Kelberman Center departments to provide a full array of services to the people we support.

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